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Susan Kleiman, Owner of Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel Inc. is a wonderful NY lady who has created a fashionable, fun & easy to put on clothing line for kids & teens with disabilities. Her first line is Cool Socks for kids that wear braces or orthotics on their legs.
We had the honor of tie dying some of them. It was an exciting experience needless to say. At first news of our new custom tie dying journey we were overwhelmed with having 720 pairs of socks to do. That's 720 x 2 socks total mind you. haha but once everything was ready to be shipped to dye it was split up in portions. Phew! So here is where our journey begins...
Package has arrived from RDAA and we cant wait to Open it and check out the fiber that needs to be dyed. Its like meeting someone for the first time. Getting to know your work surface is the best way to start new projects :)

First we wash the whites in hot water to prep the fibers for their cold dye bath. They Love it! Its like a fiber Spa Trip ! Then we spent many long hours tying up each sock to the desired pattern Susan had chosen. We had stripes & crunkle designs to whip up. When you tie designs you can use rubber bands or twine. We have both and use both but it depends on what design your making. I like to use rubber bands with simple designs and twine with small, complex designs. You just need to play around and see what works best for you some times. 
The tricky part was that she had her company logo sewn on the bottom of each sock in light blue cotton thread, and she didn't want dye covering it up of course. We had to fold and dye each sock as careful as we could. Phew! is all I have to say. It was a challenge at times but we learned a few tips and lessons on the way so it was all worth it! Once every sock was tied and soaked in dye fixer we began our colorful journey. We had three different styles to do:
  • Purple Haze (Purple & Hot pink)
  • Woodstock Magic (Red,  Yellow & Bright Green)
  • Hippie Blue (Baby Blue & Brilliant Blue)

The Four20moon Shop Creations 
uses Fiber Reactive dyes for all our dying needs.

used for: 
Tie-Dye, Tub Dyeing, Low Immersion Dyeing, Batik, Dye Painting, Silk Painting, Screen & Block Printing or Stenciling, even Tie-dyeing Silk in a Microwave
Used on:
All natural Fibers (Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Silk, etc.), Wood, Cane, and Rattan.

We love how bright the dyes come out. 
Super Groovy!

Interested in us dying your next custom order
Drop us an E-Mail and we will make it happen!
Good Vibes & Bright Dyes

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