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 So a while back I saw a featured artist on Dharmas website who had some way groovy marbled fabrics. I was curious on how she had gotten that marvelous marbled look...so I started to do some research then gave it a bit of a whirl.

Looks easier then it is :)

  First things first: 
You need something to Transform.
I hand dyed a pair of bamboo socks that are super duper soft & comfy along with a groovy Sports Bra, both SOLD! I also dyed a pair of cotton training pants & a toddlers tank top for a friend. Pics shown way below.


 Get materials gathered.
I used the shaving cream method.
You will need...

Lets start crafting!
You will need to pre soak the fabric items you will be dying in a soda ash bath for 20 minutes at least. Squeeze out & let dry a while, or if you have no patience you can pop it in the dryer until it is just a bit damp. Not too long or your fabric can burn so always pay attention!

*Dye molecules permanently bind with cellulose based fibers (cotton, rayon, hemp, linen), as well as silk, when the pH is raised. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is generally used to raise the pH and is either added directly to the dye, or in a solution of water in which garments are soaked before dyeing. This way the color doesn't wash out! Yeeeaah

While your waiting for fabric to dry mix your dye powder with the urea. Using a bowl add some shaving cream to it and squirt one of your colored dyes into it. Mix well. You should have a runny but thick mixture. Pour it into a squirt bottle. You may need to snip the tip larger if necessary. Repeat with a different color and so on. Do this quickly for the shaving cream turns watery if your a slow poke!
I live 2 dye...

Now its time to set up your Dye Base.
Use the shallow tray/box/lid. I used a Tupperware lid for the bamboo socks & toddler tank an a small plastic tote for the sports bra. Take a bowl and squirt tons of shaving cream into it, add a little water and Stir it Up. This will be poured on the lid or whatever you are using so make sure its not too runny or thick.

Good Luck!
Gotta Have Base
Pick a few colors and squirt some lines on the white base. Pick another and squirt a few more lines and so on.... leave some white base in between the colored lines or your colors will turn all to muck, I say...YUCK!

Nice and Pretty

Take a pencil, stick or whatever and do a few fancy swirls to the base with the colored lines on it. Nothing to fancy if its your first time. Posted is some information on ways to swirl if you need some help.

Looks Far Out Man!

Taken from the Dharma Trading Website
 Time to Dye the Goods!
Get the paper towels spread out on plastic or in a tote of some sort that's as big as the item your dying. I line a Tupperware tote with them and place the item in the tote. This way I have a lid to keep the item moist which helps with the bonding process. When your ready take your item and place it on the colorfully swirled dye base. Try to set the middle of the item down first then slowly put the rest down on either side. This way you get no air bubbles. If your dying a shirt or something on both sides cut some cardboard wrap it in plastic and place it in between the item. This way you can dye both sides without making a mucky mess. I did not do this step with my first items picture here since this was my first time trying this.
My next Marble Dying blog post will be improved!
I should of used plastic cardboard

Dyed Item on Paper Towels
Take them off and dye the back.
You may need to re do the dye base if there is no more room. Then lay the item on the paper towel and cover. This is where a tote comes in handy.
The item needs to Bond in a Warm Spot
Let it sit overnight to bond. Rinse with cold water until the water is clear then wash with Hot water and a nice shot of synthrapol to make sure the colors don't bleed together. It also keeps the white parts white...WOW! I wash it again in cold water to make sure it doesn't dye my clothes next time I wash it.

Dry and wear in pride.
Handmade Rocks!

Bamboo Socks

Cotton Sports Bra!


Good Vibes & Bright Dyes

Moon Dyes Artists:
Lila & Jason

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