Tie Dye Monkeys & Turtles? Oh my!

I got a fun custom order from a groovy FB bud for some tees & tanks for him & his daughter a few weeks back. I just finished them up and sent them off to enjoy there new home. These were the first tank tops made for the season. Hurray! And bonus: They turned out perfect.
Pauls order drying out naturally

The way I tie dye is I soak them in soda ash mixture for 20-30- mins then I squeeze them out and wring them out in a washer quick then I tie up the goods using my crafty hands & let them naturally air dry by a window on some racks I rigged up. They sit out to get bone dry before I start dying. This way I get a nice sharp pattern of the design I want.
Patience = AWESOME dyes! 


Once they are dyed I let them bond overnight. Then the next day is rinse & wash day! It does take a while to get a custom tie dye made but it is worth the wait. Just ask my kynd customers opinions.

Peace Turtles!

Very Popular design, but I can see why.

Good Vibes & Bright Dyes

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