Much Peace 4 The Lizard King (Trade)

So today I'm a bit gloomy for its April 5th...
RIP Kurt Cobain & Layne Staley

BUT thinking of a trade in progress with Safi's Art makes me all smiles :) She does totally awesome art work you must check out! I bet if you dropped her a line she would do a custom piece for you that would blow your mind!!!
We have made a trade recently for two of my custom tie dye tees & a pair of matching socks: 

This tee has matching socks that I haven't taken a pic of yet.

Super Groovy Rainbow Peace Sign Tee

...for a painting of hers I just love of Jim Morrison!!! 
So psyched to hang it for all to see :)

Check out her shop on Etsy!

Sanddan's Art

where fine art lives

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  1. Thank you Lila, I love your Blog, you rock my friend!!!! Sandra