Fashionable Solutions For Special Needs

Just finished up a fun little sock order for Ross Daniels Adaptive Apparel. We do the tie dying for a couple of the sock designs sold for disabled children and teens who wear ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs).

 Check out the specials on socks in 2011!

We had 20 pairs of socks to dye up quick like.
Making sure not to dye over the logo!

Tied up & Drying out a bit
All Dyed

These socks were dyed in a stripe pattern using blue, black & keeping some white where the logo was.

Dried & ready to package & ship off!


Much Peace 4 The Lizard King (Trade)

So today I'm a bit gloomy for its April 5th...
RIP Kurt Cobain & Layne Staley

BUT thinking of a trade in progress with Safi's Art makes me all smiles :) She does totally awesome art work you must check out! I bet if you dropped her a line she would do a custom piece for you that would blow your mind!!!
We have made a trade recently for two of my custom tie dye tees & a pair of matching socks: 

This tee has matching socks that I haven't taken a pic of yet.

Super Groovy Rainbow Peace Sign Tee

...for a painting of hers I just love of Jim Morrison!!! 
So psyched to hang it for all to see :)

Check out her shop on Etsy!

Sanddan's Art

where fine art lives


Tie Dye Monkeys & Turtles? Oh my!

I got a fun custom order from a groovy FB bud for some tees & tanks for him & his daughter a few weeks back. I just finished them up and sent them off to enjoy there new home. These were the first tank tops made for the season. Hurray! And bonus: They turned out perfect.
Pauls order drying out naturally

The way I tie dye is I soak them in soda ash mixture for 20-30- mins then I squeeze them out and wring them out in a washer quick then I tie up the goods using my crafty hands & let them naturally air dry by a window on some racks I rigged up. They sit out to get bone dry before I start dying. This way I get a nice sharp pattern of the design I want.
Patience = AWESOME dyes! 


Once they are dyed I let them bond overnight. Then the next day is rinse & wash day! It does take a while to get a custom tie dye made but it is worth the wait. Just ask my kynd customers opinions.

Peace Turtles!

Very Popular design, but I can see why.

Good Vibes & Bright Dyes