In Love w/ Bamboo Rayon

I've found the best fabric to dye and wear in the world!


Ocean Blotter Sun Warp

We're starting with beautiful scarves in two sizes to be hand tied and dyed to list in our Etsy shop while were on the lookout for huge rolls of the dope fabric to create wall hangings, tablecloths and clothing items to sew up using our NEW and totally awesome serger! Yea we spoil ourselves, but its really for our kynd customers in the end when ya think about it!

Mega  Rainbow Stripes

 "Soft as heavily buttered silk covered in down feathers from a baby goose" is how our supplier describes the fabric used! 

No two scarves are ever the same, the one listed is the lucky item you will receive. 
One of a kind.

 Made out of:
100% Bamboo Rayon

*as of 7-5-12 
The rainbow one is still listed but the blotter has sold.

Size listed is:
8 x 54

This fabric is delicate when wet, so handwashing is recommended.

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