Come On Get Happy!

Custom Kids Smiley Face Tees

Custom tie dye orders tend to make my day and this one for 10 toddlers in Texas will always bring a big smile to my face! Notice how each Smiley is the same...but different. I tried to give each "Happy Face" tee it's own one of a kind personality. 

OOAK "Hand Tied" Tie Dyes

 Hand tied each tee after folding them in half and drew half of a smiley face on it with a waterproof marker. To tie a tiedye you can use rubber bands of all sizes and widths or sinew. I use a variety of both depending on what kind of shape design I'm tying up. For the smiley face using rubber bands will work fine but to get some dope white lines go with the sinew. 

Bold & brightly dyed Tie Dyes!
 Bottle dyed with high quality, non toxic, fiber reactive & colorfast procion dyes from Dharma Trading. Its tricky to keep the face yellow and dye the eyes and mouth black but sometimes when the dye bleeds some pretty far out results can happen. This can become stressful when doing customs for you don't want to majorly mess them up. Droppers, dry fabric and tons of patience works wonders.

Always wash your items in COLD water with like colors to keep your dyes bright. This applies to any of your tie dyes, even ones not purchased from Moon Dyes :)

Good Vibes & Bright Dyes


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Good Vibes & Bright Dyes