Festival Inspired Sunburst Tye Dyes

A million times I'm asked to make a replica tie dye design from a super groovy hippie festival back in 1969 worn by J. Cocker at least every other week. 

All an all it's a very simple and mega retro tye dye sunburst or sunflower design but the fact that I have to make something look like the work of another tiedyer when I do take on these customs is a big pain in the arse lol. Doing them on long sleeve henley tees is a major reason why its tricky but I do love a challenge, sometimes...

Listed & ready to ship festival replica henelys currently in our Etsy shop.
(Just click on the size or picture below)

Extra Large - Lightweight
2XL - Heavyweight

3XL - Heavyweight

When I do take on a custom sunburst replica some trials are a must first since the blank henleys are spendy. 

Love doing experiments on handy-dandy Bandanas!

Retro Sunbursts

Double Retro Sunbursts

Kids Youth tees are also a fun thing to experiment with different & new tye dye designs and color combos on. The fact that this is a short sleeve t-shirt makes this far-out design easier to tie and dye. 

Kids Medium Retro Sunburst

Soon we'll make this design on adult sizes too!

Did this design for a baby gift, sooo cute!
Retro Baby!

Good Vibes & Bright Dyes

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