Geode Monster Explosion

The wild ways a tie dye can be hand tied up and dyed makes all of our handmade creations one of a kind while keeping our job interesting each and every day...

Geode MoNsTeR!

Been admiring a fabulous artists work in a FB tie dye group and decided to give it a shot but change it up a bit. This far-out gifted tee was tied in a "Geode Monster Explosion" design and vat dyed one of our NEW fiber reactive colors, Peony. 

Peony Pink
Took forever to tie up but the untying was a snap since I used one looong string of sinew an as you can see from the final outcome...it looks so GrOoVy!

Untying is easy with sinew!

This listed and ready to ship v-neck tee was vat dyed in another NEW color, Power Berry. For sale HERE!


Power Berry Purple

I'll be making more of this tye dye design to list for sale in my Etsy shop but it won't be until October. Gonna dye some multi colors and others vat dyed just one solid color like the pics above. 

Can't wait to add more of this new design to our shop!

 Good Vibes & Bright Dyes