Custom Tie Dye Mandala Tees

Since we've added a new bundle of joy to our lives I haven't been able to sling much dye in the Moon Lab these days. Get plenty of requests and I hate turning them down but my time is occupied with baby Silas now.

Finally gave a custom tie dye order a shot and well, figured out I'm still not ready to get fully back in the lab lol. Motherly sacrifices!

My 7 month old son was teething super bad the whole month of May and it pretty much took me the whole month to finish up on my custom order, doh. I did have to give the two designs a try three times each so it took longer then imagined juggling tie dying and a super crabby teething baby. The last two we tied up and dyed turned out super awesome and those were the ones she picked yeaaa! 

First attempts of a copy of a listed design

First attempts of lime green, purple & navy color combo

Final design, way sharper mandala!

Final design, nice points & color tones!

I truly love how they turned out, thought I had lost my touch tying & dying after this long break from the craft. Ahhhh!

Needless to say, I am not taking on any custom tie dye orders for a while longer. If you're totally interested in getting a piece of our work you can check out the pre-made items listed and ready to ship in our Etsy shop!

The first attempt tie dye tees pictured above will be listed in our shop once we get individual pics of them.

Lila & Jason

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